International Relations

Vice Chancellor’s Message

Welcome to Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT). The Office of International Relations at CUSAT was established with an objective to attract students and scholars from all over the world to initiate collaborative programs. The faculty members of CUSAT can identify their counterparts in internationally reputed institutions and initiate academic collaborations. The Office of International Relations may be used as a Special Purpose Vehicle to negotiate and activate the joint projects. CUSAT has established its reputation in subjects in Science, Technology, Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management, Law and Humanities. CUSAT has infrastructure to carry out research and conduct UG and PG programs in these areas. Currently, we have Research scholars and students from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Gambia, Ghana, Iran, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, UK, USA. Some of them are sponsored by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). I welcome the academic community all over the world to CUSAT for joint venture on collaborative research projects, to initiate joint Degree/Diploma programs and Faculty/Scholar exchange programs.

Director's Message

Welcome to the Office of International Relations (OIR) at CUSAT. The OIR will take leading role in providing leadership in shaping and implementing the university’s international agenda and administering partnership and program that advances the vision and mission of CUSAT. This office will act as an interface between the CUSAT and the collaborating institutes/industries in India and abroad. The colleagues in CUSAT are encouraged to initiate and strengthen the relation with their respective collaborators and motivate them to get in to MoUs. The OIR will act as the facilitator and a contact point. Let us join hands and strengthen the University’s position at the global level.


The role of International Relations is to inform, enable and facilitate implementing the international aspirations of the University and its academic community thus bringing tangible benefits to our students, colleagues, and campus here in CUSAT. Our aim is to facilitate the CUSAT community to :

  • Establish the academic link and develop strategic plans with international universities/ institutions.
  • Create memorandum of understanding (MOU) between CUSAT and the reputed International Institutions to undertake research projects in the areas of mutual interest and exchange of Faculty/Students.
  • Prepare joint research projects in collaboration with Universities/ Institutions abroad and submit to international funding agencies.
  • Design joint Degree/Diploma programs in collaboration with International institutions.
  • Form modalities of student exchange programs for conducting the joint programs.
  • Establish rapport with International agencies and inform the students and faculty time to time about the funding possibilities.
  • Arrange reception for the visiting delegates to establish bilateral relations and signing MOUs.


Office of International Relations
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